Re: k3b, kde frustrations - venting.

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Antonio Olivares wrote:
--- Arthur Pemberton <[email protected]> wrote:

Sorry to hear that dude. My heart goes out to you.
All I can say is file a
bug report(s)

On 12/23/05, Robin Laing
<[email protected]> wrote:

I usually am very happy and can easily point out
the virtues of Linux

over Windows.  Come today and I find that I am hit
with this k3b, kde

problem and it dumps me in a major mess.

I need to copy 3 DVD and I cannot get k3b to do
it.  It won't eject

the media.  Crashes each time I try to burn an
image and I am in a

rush as this had to be done before lunch in 10

As I try to burn just the files, I get a Error
every time.

It gets to Updating RMA
Then I get growisofs did not exit cleanly.

While copying the CD's, it would give me an error
that it cannot eject

the media after reading the CD.
This could have been a multi-session cd and the data
part got mounted.  I have had this happen several
times.  One thing to try and do, is make a clone image
and make k3b force eject the cd.  I was successfull
copying such a cd.
For DVD's, it is a whole different story.  If the DVD
that you want to make a copy of a dvd that is already
4.3GB you can make a 1-1 copy of it.  If it is the
8.5GB to 9GB variety(Original movie not a backup),
you'll have to go through the trouble of transcoding
and then authoring to fit on one and then burn it. Which is a pain in the ...?
On the brighter side, k3b is working nicer with
versions 0.12.4 -> 0.12.9? 10.  To try it out, get the
latest one from their homepage and compile from
source.  The latest version(s) will work out better as
they have worked better for me, (the no eject
problem), I do not have it.  I am running k3b 0.12.4a.
Of course this is
the same if I try

to copy a DVD.

Now that I vented, have a

   Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas to you too and all users of Fedora and
other distros too.

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with Penguins.

It wasn't a multisession CD or DVD. It was an issue with k3b and FC4.
 I came across the same problem at home making a new DVD. I have not
had the time to look into it before I can file a bug report.

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