Re: Dell GX520, Fedora 4: 1920x1200 on Dell 2405FP fails

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| From: Jacques Beigbeder <[email protected]>

| I don't find how to get 1920x1200 resolution on
| the following hardware with Fedora Core 4 up-to-date:
| 	Dell GX 520
| 	Intel Chipset 945G
| 	screen Dell 24" : 2405FP, native resolution: 1920x1200
| I fail to get 1920x1200 with Xorg...
| I can only get 1600x1200.
| Searching on the Web gives some hints but with no luck:
| . 915resolution doesn't support 1920x1200;

This worked for me on different hardware (Dell Inspiron 6000 with
1920x1200 built-in display).

    [[email protected] 915resolution-0.4.5]# ./915resolution 5c 1920 1200
    Intel 800/900 Series VBIOS Hack : version 0.4.5

    Chipset: 915GM
    BIOS: TYPE 1
    Mode Table Offset: $C0000 + $269
    Mode Table Entries: 36

    Patch mode 5c to resolution 1920x1200 complete

So 915resolution works, but perhaps not for your hardware.

What does it say when you run it?

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