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On Sat, 2005-12-31 at 03:25, Tim wrote:

> I'm thinking of something like a business diary where you jot down notes
> related to work today, tomorrow, next week, etc., and you can refer back
> to them years later without needing special software to do so.

Do you mean like the 'tasks' folder of evolution?

> At this stage I've just written a flat HTML calendar page.  I can see
> what needs to be done on any PC on the network, and years later I'll be
> able to *easily* check up on who had what done for them on what date.

There are several ways of running any X program from any machine,
but if you really want a trouble-ticket sort of tracker for
multiple users/groups you might like RT.  It is overkill for a
to-do list, but the price is right:

> I've tried using calendar functions in various mail programs, but they
> only work on the local client.  Not to mention that you need to
> continuously run a behemoth program to check on what you should be doing
> (for reminders about multiple activities during the day).

Yes, but the same program also checks for email which you
need to do anyway - and note that if your own terminal doesn't
have the capacity to run the programs you need you can run
it remotely on a more powerful machine that could be serving
many users.  In fact if you have such a machine you might be
better off running your own desktop as a thin client.

  Les Mikesell
    [email protected]

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