Re: setting up Epson LX-800 dotmatrix on FC4

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On Saturday 31 December 2005 12:02, Navneet Kumar wrote:
>I have googled a lot about this but didnt get a
>satisfactory solution. so please help me.
>I used kde gui utility to setup my printer but LX-800
>doesnt show up in the list.
>trying generic and evrything else gives a unreadable
>print quality.
>I'm a newbie to linux so please give steps. I don't
>know what is cups etc.
Cups=Common Unix Printing System.

If you've got httpd running, send your browser to either localhost:631, 
or to the machines FQDN:631.

There you should see the front page of the cups system which should 
allow you to fully configure and test the system using this gui.

Is that LX800 still functional?  I may be confused, but ISTR thats at 
least a 10-15 year old dot matrix model, and by now the head may be 
suffering from worn pin guides and or broken pins.  A quick google 
search turns up only ribbons for it.

Modern ink sprayers are quieter, and many times faster, usually 
offering photographic quality color with a takehome price includeing 
spare inks of around $200 USD.  The epson9 drivers in the usual gs 
installation which cups will use as the rendering engine, should be 
able to make it function ok.  Those drivers are so old that recent esp 
ghostscript builds compatible with cups usage may not include then.  I 
remember using them back when ghostscript was at about version 3.56 or 
so, built it myself on an amiga in later versions up to about 5.10 
when it could handle up to pdf-1.2 internally.  GS is up to 
8.something now and pdf support is now a seperate pdf->gs conversion 

Good luck.

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Cheers, Gene
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