Re: rpmbuild nvidia help

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Mail List wrote:
I have never built from src rpm before - it is presumably me not doing it right.
    I have installed kernel-devel and kernel-smp-devel for current kernels.

I ran rpmbuild --rebuild --target i686 --define \
"kernel kernel-2.6.14-1.1637_FC4smp" \

   And it complains:

Building target platforms: i686
Building for target i686
error: Failed build dependencies:
kernel-devel-i686 = kernel-2.6.14-1.1637_FC4smp is needed by nvidia-glx-1.0.7676-0.lvn.2.4.i686

1/ Is the instruction a copy of your command at the CLI or typed into your mailer as there's a missing '=' in --target i686.
2/ run 'rpm qa | grep kernel' to check that all versions are the same.


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