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> Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2005 1:31 PM
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> Subject: RE: mysql 4 upgrade
> > I'd say go ahead and get the binary from MySQL, install it 
> and we'll 
> > work from there.  Have you ever compiled php from the source before?
> So, rpm -e what I have?
> Do you have recommended binaries, or should I just grab 
> sever, devel, libraries, and client from mysql site??
> I have done a couple php installs from source in the past. Is 
> that what you suggest, rather than rpms?

I'd get the Linux (x86, glibc-2.2, static (Standard only), gcc) from  uninstall what you have.
After that you may have to compile php against the new MySQL libraries,
its been a while since I've done it so if errors or something pop up
post 'em and I'll see if I can fix it.  I'm almost certain you'll have
to recompile php.  If this is just a one off thing you're trying to do
I'd just uninstall php and compile it from source as well.  If you're
familiar with building RPM's I'd install the php source, edit the spec
file and have it compile against your MySQL install.  I'm almost certain
there's a more elegant way of doing this but I couldn't find it, if
anyone out there knows of a better way, let me know.  I might have my
MySQL spec and php spec file laying around somewhere.  I'll post them if
you need me to.  (Though you might not be interested in building RPM's
from it at all :-)

Either way lemme know how it goes, good luck.


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