Re: Xorg-x11 Problem is trashing my machine as well;

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I was using apt and synaptic until I switched to using yum and yumex. 
Reload and switch to "View all packages".   Choose "Mark all upgrades"
and then scroll all the way down to the xorg-x11 packages.  Manually
"unmark" all the xorg-x11 packages and carry on with your updating as usual.

Mirco Scara wrote:

>I have already posted about this matter yesterday and I have followed
>the discussion on the Xorg-x11 problem;
>Someone advised me not to upgrade xorg until a fix is released.
>Well I think it's a very good idea if only, upgrading thru synaptic
>would allow me to deselect the Xorg upgrade.
>I am trying to attempt a whole smart upgrade via apt/synaptic but it
>won't allow me to deselect the xorg-x11 upgrade.
>is there a work around this?
>How can I exclude this upgrade?
>is it easier in yum to exclude these packages?

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