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   Datum: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:14:02 -0400
     Van: James Pifer <[email protected]>
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Onderwerp: hard drive config suggestions
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Last week I was out of town and we had a bad electrical storm. My
systems are on their own small UPSes, but that's more for short bursts,
not sustained outages. Anyway, I ended up losing two systems. One
apparently got something corrupted and would not boot, but I could get
to the files through a rescue CD. Not a big deal since I wanted to move
it to new hardware anyway.

The other one had a WD 160GB hard drive fail. The good news it is under
warranty. The bad news is it was part of a LVM with another 160 and 120
drive. So I'm going to have to rebuild the whole thing. It was running a
couple important things, but mostly was used for backing up my mythtv
recordings and videos, music, pictures, etc.

So, on to my question. It's a real hassle to go through this when
ATA/EIDE drives fail, and it seems like they fail a lot nowadays. I have
quite a few of these drives so I'm not looking to purchase anything
else, like SATA. So I'm wondering should I try doing some type of RAID5
with these drives?

If so I'd want to put 4 of them in it, which then leads me to an
installation issue since the CDROM would be removed. If I did RAID5 I
would need to try and boot off a USB stick and do the install off NFS.
Not sure if this system will even boot off USB. NFS install is not a

But am I helping myself all that much? I can't guarantee the power thing
right now. I have some Belkin UPSes (F6H500-SER) but have yet to get
them working with Linux.

If I have a power failure while running RAID5 are may chances any better
that it will come back up ok?

I assume there's some type of notification to root if a drive fails?
How difficult is it to replace it and have the array rebuild?

Any sugestions or comments?


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Just for the information, the minimum number of drives for RAID5 is three, so
you do not have to remove your CD Drive.

RAID 5 is good in keeping your data safe, it is a good start but it is not
foolproof.... You're still have the chance to loose your data, so make backups!


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