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At 12:10 PM -0300 6/23/05, Ben Steeves wrote:
>On 6/23/05, Marcelo Magno T. Sales <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for the suggestion, but this is not the same. I don't want to
>> copy all icons from desktop to the quick launch bar, they would take too
>> much space. I'd like a single icon that, when clicked, would display a
>> menu showing the desktop icons.
>What about the "Show Desktop" applet?  It minimizes all your windows
>when clicked and restores them when clicked again.  You don't need to
>minimize each app separately that way.

If you mean that icon in the lower left corner, if one clicks it and then
opens a window, it won't restore things. :(

I use an empty workspace instead, and then move anything I want to keep to
the workspace I want it on and close the rest, leaving the workspace empty
for next time.
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