Re: Problem with samba shares from FC4

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On 6/19/05, micheal <[email protected]> wrote:
> This is what I did to get Samba to work.
> Run system-config-securitylevel
> Go to the SELinux Tab
> Look at the "Modify Policy"  for Samba
> ... Check the "Disable SELinux protection for the smbd/nmbd daemon"
>  This will turn off SELinux for Samba permanently.

This was not enough for my system (WinXP <--> FC4).  I also had to
modify the firewall settings (tab "Firewall Options" to the left of
SELinux tab) to make the local-net internet interface (eth0)
"trusted".  Otherwise I could get no TCP/IP service at all.  A ping
from WinXP didn't even work, and no "shares" were visible..  Since I
have a firewall in my DSL modem, I don't mind open TCP/IP on the local
192.168.*.* net.

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