Proxy problem

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	This is totally my own fault; but I hope somebody
smarter can dig me out.  
	I installed FC-3 and carelessly configured the
IP address as dynamic.  Everything worked fine, but
the network admin did *not* approve.  I edited the
ifcg-eth0 files for a static IPaddr and everything works
fine EXCEPT the proxy no longer works.  Initially,
I let the automatic probe set up the proxy and all was
well.  With the static IPaddr it no longer works.  

Reconfigure with proxy probe - 
     can't use proxy to get off site.
Putting the proxy in manually 
    same failure
 Using the site-wide script 
    same failure (slightly different error message)
Same problem with both Firefox and Konqueror. 
Other machines (RH7.3) continue to work.


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