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I'm a new Linux user and just downloaded Fedora Core
3.  I was planning on running a dual-boot
configuration with WinXP Home Edition.  My computer
has a C: partition (72GB) and a D: partition (4.66GB).
 It is a Compaq and the D: partition is used as a
system recovery partition.  I am more than experienced
in a Microsoft environment and was wondering if my
current configuration would cause any problems when I
begin to install Fedora.  

What I really want to know is if I should create a
10GB partition in DOS then install Fedora and direct
the installer to use the 10GB partition or should I
let the Fedora installer create my partitions?  I know
I will need a /root partition and a Linux swap
partition.  Any help would be appreciated as I am new
to Linux.

Also, anyone used Fedora with VMware?  I see that Red
Hat 7.0-9.0 is compatible with VMware, as well as 
RHEL AS/ES/WS 4.0 (32-bit), RHEL AS/ES/WS 2.1, 3.0,
RHEL Advanced Server 2.1.  

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. 


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