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On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 17:10, Fred Morcos wrote:

>         Before you embark on tweaking the kernel what hardware are you
>         running?
>         How much memory?  Processor speed?  What are you comparing it
>         to? 
>         How did you measure the memory usage?
>         top, free, and vmstat can provide some good information.
> im running a p4 2.8 ghz (i686), 512 mb of ram, im comparing it to how
> windows xp runs on my computer..
> i measured memory usage from the gnome system monitor..
> u might tell me that i can sacrifice some boot time in exchange of
> stability, but actually the system is really slowly-responsive.. and
> this bugs me.. ;)

A system with those specs should respond very quickly.  

You need to quantify "really slowly-responsive".  What task are you
trying to perform?  What is the result?  What is the expected result?

Also, why do you consider 110MB to be using to much memory?  If your
system is swapping you can get very poor response times, however with
512MB of memory this should not be a problem unless you are running an
application that is consuming all available memory.

There are a lot of smart people on the list, if you provide more detail
on the exact problem I am sure a solution can be found.

Include specifics such as the results from the following commands:

uname -a
free -m
vmstat -s
x86info -a      (should be root for this one)

Which applications are responding poorly?  What specific task are you
doing when you notice this?

Scot L. Harris
[email protected]

He who hates vices hates mankind. 

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