Re: Config tools (system-config-*) do not work in VNC session.

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> > What's going on?
> >
> Not much:-)
> Is the server running?
> Firewall rules blocking you?
> --

X server?  I wouldn't be remotely logged into an Xfce desktop without it.

No firewalls.

It must be something unique to this particular server, though, because
I just VNC'd into another server (like the first, only running Xfce),
and the config tools work.

The server in question is something of a test bed in which I play
around a lot.  I've modified gdm.conf to allow two graphical login
sessions.  Could this be messing up the X server?  I'll check that
out.  I've also installed xcompmgr, and hacked xorg.conf a bit.  Less
clear how that would be related, but who knows?

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