Re: How to check which packages are installed? to remove them?

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On Sunday 01 May 2005 17:14, Antonio Olivares wrote:
>    On one of my computers, System Settings ->
> Add/Remove Applications is not working as it should.
> So I removed it within itself, now I cannot see which
> packages are installed.  I know that the command(s)
> have been discussed before but I probably deleted the
> messages. rpm -??.  Is there a way via command line to
> determine which packages are installed in the system
> and how to remove them?  
> Also I would like to ask on how to remove
> documentation from the system.  I need to know how
> much space help/man pages occupies.  I need to free up
> some space and want to know how to do it.

# rpm -qa

will list all of the RPM's that you have installed on your system.

I would respectfully suggest, however, that if you needed to ask this question 
-- a simple and straightforward one with an easy answer -- then perhaps 
removing the documentation from your computer would not be appropriate at 
this time.

Richard S. Crawford

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