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> On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Thomas Cameron wrote:
> > So I guess there's no room for tolerance of other people's
> > preferences?  I mean, really - is it *that* hard to follow a thread
> > that is top-posted?  Is it *really* worth getting so worked up over?
> argh.  using *exactly* that same logic, i can turn around and ask, is
> there no room for people to adjust to fit the standard operating
> behaviour of the list?  is it *that* hard to configure your mailer to
> do the right thing?  is it *really* worth getting so worked up over
> adapting to what is clearly common list etiquette?
> don't ask the question unless you can answer it.
> rday
> p.s.  if you've never heard of the "broken window" syndrome, let me
> recommend googling and taking a quick read.

	I am a newbie on this list, a newbie to linux and even a Norwegian.
As disadvantaged as it can get. This is my first posting, and I try to get
it right. Why?

	I view this list as a tool created by others. I wish to use this
tool to my benefit.
	As I view it, the way this tool works has already been defined. It
is for my own good to observe this, and try to adhere to this. This
preserves the function of the tool.
	Should I, for some reason, wish to deviate from the way things work
here, I will contribute to nothing but the degeneration of the very tool I
wished to benefit from in the first place.

	I work in the oil industry, and if we have a lot of something, it is
tools. I have from time to time been made furious by the disrespect shown by
some when they use tools. Because some tools are used by many, they must not
be tampered with without the consent of the many. If the tool is used only
by one person, he may obviously tamper with it as much as he likes. But of
not, I find the tamperer to disregard the needs of his fellow users. Worst
case scenario being the tool unusable to all but the tamperer.
	It is my opinion that people using this list should initially
observe the way the list works. If it is unsatisfactory, a discussion like
this may change it. Blatant disregard will only mess things up.
	In cases like this, I think the will of the one must bow for the
will of the many. If this is a problem; find another tool or make one

- Janton

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