Re: Display: limited brightness?

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craig-fcp wrote:

The display is faultless except for the upper level of brightness/contrast seems limited.

I do have trouble with for instance web sites that use dark backgrounds. I have to struggle to read the text on these backgrounds.

I have max'd out the displays firmware controls for this feature but this doesn't fix the problem

I recall when I installed FC3 that it asks to select from a long list the monitors. The fact was that my monitor was not listed among all the LG monitors.  I have a LG 77M 50/60Hz 2.0A so I had to pick one I "thought" might work.

If there is a solution one might recommend I like to hear it.

thank you

Craig, the general issue of monitor setup was addressed on the list a week or so back. I don't remember the details but if one knows the technical specifications of their monitor, there is a tool in FC3 that allows one to enter custom display setup parameters. If memory serves at all, the exchanges included a link to a website that enables one to determine an unknown monitor parameter if some are known.

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