Silly HTML question: passing variables to the same page via POST

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Hey, everyone:

A very silly beginner's question here, but I've already spent a little
time with Google and the hits I'm getting seem oriented to someone with
a little more knowledge.

I'm trying to write a "container" page, whose URL is:

The *first* time it is called, this page should always display a list of
the logbook information available and links/buttons for more detail.
Note that the list of possible detail sections should be listed in the
left (blue) column, while the main section (middle brown column) should
explain better what each detail section contains.

When the user clicks on one of those links/buttons, the same page (with
the same URL) should be reloaded, again with the list of detail sections
shown in the left blue column, but now with the selected detailed table
shown in the middle brown column. The URL should stay the same.

This way, the user can go from detail screen to detail screen with a
single click, and the URL does not change.

I believe I can do what I want either with a session variable or by
passing a variable with POST method. However, I have not yet been able
to figure out the specifics of coding this bloody thing... and session
variables I think are persistent or require cookies, so I would rather
use POST.

Can someone either help me write this, or just point me to a good
tutorial? I'm trying to read up on this and understand it, but self-
education is going a lot more slowly than I would like... so any quick
pointers to better docs, or any hints, will be gratefully accepted.


Rodolfo J. Paiz <[email protected]>

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