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Darren Grant wrote:
Change selinux to allow Dynamic DNS:

Edit the following file and change the '0' to '1':


By default it looks like selinux denies writing of DDNS. Also check that named has write permissions to the directory where your zone files are stored.


Tim Fenn wrote:

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 06:14:25PM +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 14:38:54 -0800, Tim Fenn <[email protected]> wrote:

I'm running both named and dhcpd, and dhcpd is set to do dynamic dns
updates (both use /etc/rndc.key as the authentication key).  All used
to be good, but now dhcpd won't start, and errors in the kernel log

audit(1107297176.619:0): avc: denied { search } for pid=8099
exe=/usr/sbin/dhcpd name=named dev=sda1 ino=1295119
scontext=root:system_r:dhcpd_t tcontext=system_u:object_r:named_zone_t

ask in the fedora-selinux list

<sigh>... yet another mailing list...

I filed a bug report, workarounds are suggested at:


While we're on the subject of SELinux... anyone know of any good primers for those of us who may not be very familiar with SELinux yet? Perhaps some tutorials or articles explaining real-world scenarios of where SELinux is used, how it's used, and what the outcome is?


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