Re: Network Drive Mounting Issue

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If you want to access a remote Windows XP system and work on it from Linux, do it over the network with RealVNC aka VNC. The other computer (it has to be a separate computer) running Windows XP has to be up, running, and have a VNC server running on it.

If you are saying that you want to access another hard drive on the same computer which just happens to have Windows XP on it, I'm not sure whether that can be done or not. I don't know what the status of safely reading NTFS partitions is at this time. I dual-boot both Fedora Core 3 and Windows XP off the same hard drive, but I don't try accessing the XP partition. If I really and truly had a need for that, I would have created a small FAT32 partition on the Windows XP system at the time I installed that, so I could use it as an area for transferring files to and from Fedora Core.

Right now I'm pretty satisfied to just copy files to my trusty USB flash drive (which my wife has comandeered, alas) and transport them across systems that way.

I suppose you could also access both Fedora Core and Windows using vmware, but that sounds like a horrendously expenive solution to me.

Bob Cochran

Chris Graham wrote:

This may seem like a newbie question, but I'm new to FC3 and I have been looking for hours through the man pages with no luck, but is there a good way in the shell or GNOME to mount a network drive to the system? The drive I need to access requires a logon and is running under a Windows XP partition, although whether it's FAT32 or NTFS I'm not sure.


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