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On Sunday 16 January 2005 07:51, Philippe wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 22:24, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> > On 01/16/2005 05:39:47 AM, Philippe wrote:
> > > Which files I must save and copy back to my gnome desktop on FC3, so
> > > I
> > > will have the same desktop and panels at the end ?
> >
> > Fedora Core 3 left my panel configuration the way they were in FC2 and
> > LFS before that.
> Not for a fresh new install ;-)
> Philippe
> --
> Philippe, Chiangmai, Thailand

Hi Philippe:

If you haven't already done the install, you could create a "home" partition 
if you have enough space on the hard drive.  You would need to use fdisk or 
some kind of partitioning software to reduce the size of the partition where 
you would create the new partition, then create it as some name other than 
"/home/xxxx".  Then copy everything from the original "home" to the new one 
keeping the permissions and ownership as it is.  You would then have to do 
some name changing:  the original "/home" to something else and the new 
partition to "/home/xxxx".  That all should be done as root.

After the copying and renaming is done, you should reboot just to make sure 
that everything is working as before.  If so, go ahead and do your fresh 
install but DON'T reformat the "/home" partition.


Tom Taylor 
Registered linux user #263467

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