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On Friday 14 January 2005 12:51, Michael A. Peters wrote:
>On 01/14/2005 09:38:30 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Greetings;
>> I've been screwing around, even did an install (by copying) of all
>> of /usr/local/RealPlayer into the /usr/local/firefox/plugins
>> directory, but any site I goto still asks me to download the
>> plugins for realplayer.  I'd love to be able to watch the huygens
>> shows.
>I installed RealPlayerGOLD using the rpm at their website and it
> just works.
>For reference -
>[[email protected] ~]$ rpm -q firefox
>[[email protected] ~]$ rpm -q RealPlayer
>[[email protected] ~]$

firefox was installed by their installer, so rpm doesn't know about 
it.  RealPlayer is RealPlayer-

firefox is installed in /usr/local/firefox, and I believe everything 
works but RealPlayer.  Shockwave stuff is in firefox's plugins dir 
and works ok.  And I've moved a copy of the plugins dir 
from /usr/local/RealPlayer.plugins to /usr/local/firefox/plugins, but 
its still ignored.

Do you have anything at all that shows up in the edit->prefs windows 
to indicate Real is there?

Cheers, Gene
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