Re: What happened to my swap ? !!

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On Sun, 2 Jan 2005, Alexander Dalloz wrote:

> Am So, den 02.01.2005 schrieb Appeet um 18:50:
> > I originally installed my installation with swap on hdb4 (linux on hda2)
> >  
> > However when I "physically" mounted my second harddrive I had to install it as a secondary slave. Because of this
> > reason the definition for my swap is now hdd4. When I do a "top" I see that swap available is "0" (I originally had 1
> > gb on hdb4) so i guess my question now is how do I make linux use hdd4 as swap.
> Simply edit /etc/fstab as root and change hdb4 (4th primary partition on
> primary slave drive) to be hdd4 (4th primary partition on secondary
> slave drive).

Oops...this too.
Mike Burger

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