Re: FC3 tulip Netgear FA310TX bug apparently fixed

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On Fri, 2004-12-31 at 16:19 -0700, Charles Curley wrote:
> Old drivers for this device were showing each pair of bytes swapped in
> the MAC address of one of my Ethernet cards.
> What I see now is 00:02:E3:09:73:C0. What I used to see is
> 02:00:09:E3:C0:73. The difference came today, when I upgraded the box
> from FC2 to FC3.
> The "new" MAC address is consistent with a sticker on the card, so I
> guess it is the correct one. Also, it agrees with what Windows 9x
> reported when I used this card in a W9x box. Apparently FC3 has
> cleared up a bug that the driver has had for several years.
> Does anyone have a list of Ethernet vendor IDs  they can check against
> this MAC address? That should tell for sure which is correct.


Here are the results of your search through the public section of the
IEEE Standards OUI database report for 00-02-E3:


00-02-E3   (hex)		LITE-ON Communications, Inc.
0002E3     (base 16)		LITE-ON Communications, Inc.
				736 S. Hillview Drive
				Milpitas CA 95035

The byte swapped address does not find any matches.  It's not Netgear
but who can tell anymore.



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