minimum memory footprint for core 3? other?

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Title: minimum memory footprint for core 3? other?

I have quite a few Pentium 166MHz, 8MB RAM systems that I want to use as network attached storage control units supporting internal IDE-based disk storage and external USB- or FireWire-based external drives. 

Any thoughts about what version of Linux is best suited for these boxes? 

I need to have basic network support for the Intel Pro 100 LAN card, the PCI-based USB 2.0 and/or FireWire adapter (probably the VIA chipset which I have had lots of problems with), SMB, NFS, and probably CIFS file system support.  I plan to run the boxes without a console (i.e., no keyboard, mouse, or monitor) so I dont need to waste space on any GUI support, etc.

I really have to live with the 8MB limit for these boxes (at least 300 of them), so I will probably have to hack one of the older kernels, but it would be great to be able to use FC3.  I have been testing with RH 7-9 and now with FC3 on our development machines.



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