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On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 19:19:36 -0500, Jim <lawrence.jim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> i have Core 3 installed   i did a upgrade from core 2
> when i update, up2date uses channels from core 2 not 3
> now i have some updates which i can't install because of dependancy
> problems.   if i change my etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources   file, i'm told
> that i need to register with RH to update.  Obvisouly this isn't a
> good thing, so  should i do a fresh install keeping  my existing
> partitions  or   do i change my above file, and what other files will
> i need to change so i don't get the update problems...  in one of my

Hi Jim,
I would think it shouldn't allow you to update an FC3 package with an
FC2 one.  From what I have seen on the list about this, simply change
the '2's to '3's in the sources file.  Is this the change you made? 
You certainly should not need to register with RedHat.
I did a fresh install of FC3, here are the relevant (ie, unncommented)
lines of my sources file:

yum fedora-core-3$ARCH/os/
yum updates-released-fc3$ARCH/

yum-mirror fedora-core-3
yum-mirror updates-released-fc3

Note that these will be wrapped and of course are not in the file. 
Each new line begins with "yum...".  Of course, if you have added
repos, then you will need lines for them as well.

> previous posts, i have the latest kernel installed, but in grub ( at
> boot) doesn'y list the latest kernel.   See the post named  "New
> kernel but doesn't show  in grub at system boot"
> please review my last post to that thread.
> --
> James Lawrence
> NY

Did you get this problem solved?  The last message in that thread that
I see from you says you were going to bed :).  Let's not mix the
threads, so reply to that thread with more info if you have it.  I
don't think the FC2 repos in the sources file is the problem, because
you definitely have the FC3 kernels from your "rpm -qa kernel" output.


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