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delir!um wrote:

Hi everybody,

I would like to know what RPM is? I wanted to download Java Console and
I had the possibility to choose between RPM packages and normal
packages. What is the difference?
Any idea whether there are drivers for my graphic card - ATI Mobility
Radeon 9700? Or any idea where I could find it out, so I can quit
bothering you?

Kind regards,

P.S. I hope this is no spam anymore, because I have answers to my
previous question now ;-)

Hello, is a great tutorial

The best application with Fedora :

Yum and apt help you, they do the dirty work for you :
Resolving dependencies, downloading packages, installing then in the order.
yum.conf allow you to add extras repositories.

You can use apt on fedora core too.
I have attached a sources.list file.
Just download apt, intall it rpm -ihv apt...rpm

cp sources.list /etc/apt/
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade # this will upgrading the system with new versions of software.

apt-get install nomdupackage

#Search package that have network in the name or description
apt-cache search network

#Why not ?
apt-get rermove kde

Best Regards,
Jean-Marie Renouard
# You can use the file:/ entries for creating your local repository mirrors.
# base
# Fedora Core 3 - i386 - Base
# Fedora Linux 3
rpm fedora/linux/3/i386 core updates freshrpms
rpm-src fedora/linux/3/i386 core updates freshrpms

### Red Hat Fedora Core 3
rpm fedora/3/en/i386 at-stable at-good at-testing at-bleeding
rpm-src fedora/3/en/i386 at-stable at-good at-testing at-bleeding

#repository DAG
rpm fedora/3/en/i386 dag
rpm-src fedora/3/en/i386 dag

rpm dries/fedora/fc3/i386 dries
rpm-src dries/fedora/fc3/i386 dries

rpm apt/redhat/en/i386/fc3 newrpms
rpm-src apt/redhat/en/i386/fc3 newrpms

# updates-testing
# Fedora Core 3 - i386 - Unreleased Updates
rpm fedora/linux/3/i386 tupdates
rpm-src fedora/linux/3/i386 tupdates

# fedoralegacyupdates
# Fedora Core 3 - i386 - Released Updates by FedoraLegacy
#rpm fedora/3/i386 updates
#rpm-src fedora/3/i386 updates

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