Re: FC3 and Spyware and Email Virus

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On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 01:45 -0400, Jorge Fábregas wrote:
> On Sunday 12 December 2004 1:34 am, Terry R. Grier wrote:
> > I use FC3 / Firefox/Tbird.
> > In my surfing of the web.  Do I need to be worried about spyware?
> > And in recieving questionable email... virus?
> Hello Terry,
> You shouldn't be worried really. So far...
> Just make sure you use your Linux system as a regular user (not as "root" 
> which is the power user) and that you don't have any open network-ports on 
> your system. You can perform a search on google on how to secure your linux 
> machine (stopping all unnecessary services and use a firewall).
> HTH,
> Jorge
I just purchased Linux Security Cookbook by O'Reilly $40.  I haven't
cracked it open yet but long ago someone said anything by O'reilly is
good.  I've never been disappointed.

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