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El mié, 08-12-2004 a las 12:54 -0500, Frank escribió:
> I'd like to have one of the machines maintain a repository of all 
> updates and then point the others machines at this local repository.  
> This will be good for me, and good for the public mirrors as well.
> Can anyone point me to directions for how to do this?

1) Replicate your rpm files into a shared dir (can share by http,
say /var/www/http/rpmfc3/). You can use wget to accomplish that.
2) Create headers with # createrepo /var/www/http/rpmfc3/
3) Update your clients yum files to point to that server (located
on /etc/yum.repo)

Rodolfo Alcazar (rodolfo.alcazar@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Administrador datos y red - Padep/GTZ
La Paz, Bolivia

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