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It's not a meeting it's a *community*. One that is lively, has many participants and many different ways of doing things.

As long as everyone can understand everyone can't we just agree to disagree?

I'm on a lot of mailing lists (and have been for quite some time) and while ppl get upset by things such as lame postings and auto-responders (out of office) they never seem quite as militant as some of the ppl on this list.


John Summerfield wrote:

In any properly-run meeting, the most important (highest-priority) motions are those to do with the running of the meeting itself; how can you possibly make decision about whether to raise membership fees unless you're agreed on how to make the decision?

Unlike a properly-run meeting, this list lacks a chairman with the power to evict the unruly, or a sargeant-at-arms to effect such a decision. However, in many respects a maling list is a special kind of meeting and we must have and agree to rules for its conduct.

To an extent, those with the knowledge to impart and the esire to impart it have the edge over those lacking the knowledge; if we're sufficiently offended we can just leave.
you don't have enough knowledge to be pushing this crap :-(

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