Media players compatible with Linux?

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I know this is slightly off topic but I've been wanting a media player box hooked to my stereo so I can just stream MP3/OGG files off my PC and play them through my stereo as easily as a CD player.

Based on a recommendation of a friend, who is a techie but not a Linux user, I bought a D-Link DSM-320. He told me it uses standard HTTP from port 8080 to stream. Among many other problems with the box, the biggest is that there is another protocol layer on top of HTTP that's Microsoft proprietary. I found a free server from a site in Germany that claimed to support this unit under Linux but it never worked. Even with XP I had a lot of problems.

Is there another competing device that uses standard protocols that can be made to work with Linux (FC3) specifically relatively easily?

-- Greg Gulik greg @

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