DVD burning in Core 3 with TDK IndiDVD

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I have a TDK IndiDVD CD/DVD writer (1280B) which won't write DVDs properly in Core 3.

FWIW, all available updates have been applied.

It WILL burn CDs just fine, but when I burn a DVD, no DVD reader of mine (including
the aforementioned burner) can read it.  I have successfully booted from a burn of
the Core 3 DVD iso, but had to do a network install at that point, since it couldn't
see the filesystem.

I've been using cdrecord - is that a mistake?  Or was the TDK the mistake, and should
I purchase another brand?  This happens with both TDK and Verbatim DVD+R disks, so I don't
think media is an issue.

The command I've been trying (with little variations after the first couple of failures) is:

cdrecord  -v -dao  -data FC3-i386-DVD.iso

The "-dao" flag is due to the drive reporting that it doesn't do "tao". I've tried varying the
speed, with no luck.

And this happens with the root account (with no security error notes in /var/log/messages), so
I don't believe this is a permissions issue.

So, does anyone have any hints for me?


Calvin Dodge
Certified Linux Bigot (tm)

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