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Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Mi, den 17.11.2004 schrieb S J um 22:40:

I have just found out that the following command

|lynx -source -auth=username:password ''|

will automatically update my (dynamic) IP address on my DNS server (Zoneedit in my case) whenever it changes.
My questions are :
1)Does FC3 use PPP?

If you use it, then yes.

2)Do I have to configure PPP : ip-up/ip-down?

What do you mean? How do you go online?

Well, I didnt do anything specific to go online. My router has all my PPPoE info and when i installed FC3 i was online (it was like magic! ;) )

3)Where do I put the above command? Do I put it in 'ip-up.local' or 'ip-up' or 'ppp.linkup' or 'dhcpcd-eth1.exe' ?

/etc/ppp/ip-up.local (which must have script form) is the proper place.


So all I have to do is put this

lynx <blah blah blah>

in ip-up.local and thats it, right? I don't have to change anything else?


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