Re: How to download DVD images

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Botond Kardos wrote:
> 	Will bittorrent work behind a firewall and a proxy?

It can do, but to get the benefit from Bit Torrent, the firewall and
proxy need to be suitably configured to allow uploads. It is fairly easy
to get a firewall to allow this *if you are in charge of the firewall*.
I assume that you'd need to configure the proxy as a reverse proxy (= an
accelerator): see for

In practice, this means that you need a friendly sysadmin who is willing
to reconfigure his or her Internet protection to enable very large
downloads that might not be related to the purpose of the link.
Personally, I'd do it in a private setting, but not on a business line
(I have *enough* trouble keeping bandwidth usage and ping times
reasonable, thankyouverymuch).

If you don't do this, you'll only get the downloads. This means you're
leaching off the purpose of the torrent, and you'll be pushed to the
back of the queue for bandwidth.

Hope this helps,


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