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>On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 13:46 +0200, YigalB wrote:
>> I asked Pinnacle about Linux software and they answer was "we don't
>> have and will not have". Any idea how to continue? Or is it one of
>> "I must keep an XP computer for certain applications".
>It's more like "buy a cheaper video capture device that has Linux
>drivers."  I looked for a USB capture device with Linux drivers to use
>on my laptop but I never found one that works well.  Both the Dazzle
>DVC80 and WinTV USB were quite bad.
>Many PCI capture devices such as WinTV PCI or TV Wonder work perfectly.
>(TV Wonder VE $30US vs DVC150 $150US)
>As for software, Kino is a popular video editing program.  It supports
>DV sources and any capture device with Video4Linux drivers.

[<Yigal>] I need to capture analog video. Before I bought it I
considered many parameters and preferred USB because I can move it
between computers easily. I just forgot to check the Linux drivers issue
- I was sure it's obvious. Is there anything I can do now to use it with

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