Large Prod Env Mail Host Was [Re: ClamAV Feedback]

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On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 08:20, Rick Stevens wrote:
> I use ClamAV in a fairly large production environment (three outgoing
> servers, four incoming servers) serving 10,000 domains and 120,000
> accounts.
Interesting. Exactly what I would like to know more about.

> This is all done with open-source software
> (sendmail, procmail, ClamAV, OpenLDAP) 

Sendmail scales well?? I was reading that sendmail is slower compred to

As such, can you tell us, (if it's possible) exactly how the
implementation is done at your side?

sendmail(OpenLDAP (Auth))
Mail Client
(Is there MySQL backend anywhere in there?)

Something like that? I'm looking for something that scales well.

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