Re: Nvidia Twinview is Working Some Config Question though

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Chris Clarke wrote:

I'm hoping someone has done this or something similar and can help
me. I've got an older nvidia card (32 meg GeForce 2) with twinview. I've got twin working no problem, I have a 19in Monitor and a TV
attached. I've set it up so that there are two "screens" in my
xorg.conf file. One for each, which allows me to use the TV for
mplayer and the monitor for everything else. I did it this way so
that I can use the workplace switcher without it affecting the TV. The problem is there is a panel on the second (TV) desktop, it has all
the default fedora icons, I would like to get rid it. Also even
though I start mplayer in full screen mode the panel reappears after a
couple minutes of watching video. Thanks in advance for any help,

I have the exact same configuration and problem. I haven't found a real solution, but i found that if i use xine thusly:

export DISPLAY=:0.1
xine -f foo.avi

The fullscreen video output is correctly "on top of" the KDE desktop and panel. MPlayer for some reason doesn't correctly do fullscreen on a second X display.

The -ontop mplayer option solves this!


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