Re: OT: spammers are using my domain again

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Matthew Miller wrote:
On Fri, Oct 08, 2004 at 01:59:47AM -0300, Trevor Smith wrote:

Does anyone know of anything I could do to get them to move on from spoofing my domain to spoofing the next victim's domain?

Implement SPF for your domain. This isn't a perfect solution, since not
everyone checks for it yet, but this is exactly the situation SPF is
designed to fix.

This won't actually stop them spoofing your domain (most spammers aren't terribly bright, as can be seen from the many spams landing in my junkmail folder these days with "Received: from %RNDDIGIT[1]%RNDDIGIT[2]" etc. in the headers). However, you'll feel better knowing that a few less of their spams get through to sites implementing SPF checks or running SpamAssassin 3.x.


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