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On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 20:11, Phillip T. George wrote:
> Ha...I think it was Outlook...whch would probably mean that they were 
> trying to use a Microsoft Exchange server....because they like the 
> calendar and public folders and all of that stuff I'm sure.

    Well, I ran on GAF's Exchange server.  Man, it looked like it was 10
years old. Whatever version they were running, it seemed so primitive. I
felt like I should be using crayon and asking teacher if I was doing it

    Ximian has Connector, ya know- I'm told it works with Outlook too,
but I've not seen it in action yet.  And it's got all kinds of
non-mail-related stuff like scheduling, calendars and what-not.

    In the business world, there's actually very little (if anything?)
that can't be duplicated using Linux and/or VMWare.  Just be sure that:
    1. No one just casually runs as root

    2. Don't dual-boot; you'll never learn anything that way

    3. When you attach the old drive (otherwise unchanged from the
conversion) you make email, news, publishing and other tools hard to get
to, so they won't climb back over the wall.

    Plus, under VMWare you can get something that Windows, despite it's
advertising, has never been able to do: make Windows safer.  

    Imagine this: you've brought up VMware with the click of an icon.
Because you _suspended_ it, not shut it down, it comes up in seconds.
(On the machine I used, three years ago, it was 6 seconds) and you
mangle the hell out of it.  Remove .exe's in /windows/system.  Load and
execute a virus, intentionally. Just nuke the registry. Treat it like
the dog it is.

    Then, tell VMware to reboot it ('cause you probably won't be able to
shut it down) and watch what happens.  It boots. Properly. In fact,
there's no evidence you ever messed with it at all.  This is the beauty
of a "persistant" disk.  Save your stuff on a network share (best,
hosted by a Linux box) and you're all set.

    It's utopia for me...or at least it was, until I lost all need for
Microsoft.  It was fun to keep Windows in a little 'cage' and not have
to care about it, or worry that something on the inside could get out on
the outside.  Totally sweet, I'm tellin' ya.
Brian FahrlÃnder                  Christian, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                       
ICQ 5119262
AIM: WheelDweller

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