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louis wang wrote:

I have installed RedHat in my computer. But my monitor is set to be
800*600 by default. I set it to be 1024*768. The hint told me I
should log out and relog in, then the set will take effect. Then I
follow the instruction. However it does not change anything. My
computer is DELL, the monitor model is M782.

ããããããããlouis wang ããããããããlouiskingwang@xxxxxxx ãããããããããã2004-10-07

I was stuck at 640 x 480 0n a Dell until I upgraded the BIOS.
The computer came with a BIOS version A03. I upgraded to A04 and was able to get high resolutions.

There are also legacy BIOS settings that are set to 1MB as default. If you change the setting to 8MB, you should get higher resolutions.

Before upgrading the BIOS, the BIOS settings had little effect.

Anyway, check the dell website for your model computer and see if you can obtain a newer BIOS. I went to the site and selected Linux as the OS and found a better BIOS version that helped correct the 640x480 trap.


"If I have trouble installing Linux, something is wrong. Very wrong."

- Linus Torvalds

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