Can RedHat buy the old Swing from AOL for gcj ?

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I have red, that RedHat have buyd the Netscape Enterprise Services from AOL.

But is it possible, that RedHat buy also the rights of the old Swing-implementation from AOL?

In times, where only AWT for Java exists, Netscape have created the "Internet Foundation Classes" (IFC) with its own widgets.
Sun saw, that this was good and created with Netscape together from ground up new the follower of the IFC: the "Java Foundation Classes" (JFC), which includes Swing.

In Java2 the JFC are integrated and Sun have developed further Swing.
But on the old Swing Sun and Netscape have had _together_ the rights.

So, is it possible, to buy the rights of the old Swing from AOL?
Because I think, that the old Swing-implementation is still _a lot_ of better then the actual implementation of the GNU Classpath Swing.

Greatings Freddy

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