Re: configuring FC as a headless server

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On Thu, 2004-09-23 at 11:49, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>    (although i'm doing this with a new FC3t2 box, i can't imagine it 
> will make a big difference from FC2).
>    i want to configure my first headless server, and want to make sure 
> i do it properly so i don't hang it the first time and can never 
> recover. :-P
>    installation:
>  	FC3t2
>  	X + KDE (in case i want to occasionally slap a
>  		keyboard, mouse and monitor on for convenience)
>  	all the standard GUI and cmdline admin tools
>    now, to make this headless, from googling a bit, i plan on doing the 
> following:
>    1) default run level of 3
As said yes, but not actually necessary -- X uses a lot of resources.
>    2) modify BIOS to ignore missing keyboard (if that's relevant here)
The machine will hang on a keyboard error on reboot -- you shoulg be
able to the system not to stop on any error.
>    3) add "apm=off" to GRUB boot line (what about acpi?)
APM/ACPI will allow the hard drive to spin down (if set) (and the CPU to
slow down also, if I remember correctly) -- good for inactive times like
>    from my reading, that would seem to be sufficient.  thoughts?
> rday

jludwig <wralphie@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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