Re: [maybe slightly OT] configuration of Evolution in FC2

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On Sat, 2004-08-28 at 13:59, Peter wrote:
> Evolution in FC1 (1.4.5) had a nice feature for those, who use different
> accounts for different purposes (e.g. a separate account for Fedora
> mailing list):
> If you reply to a message, Evolution inserted automatically that account
> as the sender, who received the message to reply to (avoiding those
> "waiting for approval" messages from the list manager). In FC2 Evolution
> (1.4.6) always inserts the default account.
> Does someone know how to configure the FC2 version to choose the sender
> the same way as FC1 did?

That's strange; I'm using Evolution in FC2 and it chooses the right
account for me, and I haven't done anything to configure it that way.

Paul Howarth <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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