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Oais Halim was having problems installing FC2.

Oais, can you detail which motherboard and which CPU you have? If it's
a Via C3 CPU, for example, then you might need different install media.

Robert told him:

> 5. We are communicating via a "hijacked" thread hat was started 'way 
> back in March and with a decidedly non-informational subject. If you 
> don't have a breakthrough, why don't you start a new thread with a 
> subject that is likely to interest more people.

Um. I think any "hijacking" is an artifact at your end. There aren't
any References: or In-Reply-To: headers in the original e-mail. I
suspect your e-mail client is threading on subject lines. That would
just be your MUA being too eager. (Personally, I archive old list e-mail
to a separate folder to cut down opening times).


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