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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 20:21:03 -0700
From: RoboticGolem <[email protected]>
Why not download the cdrecord-prodvd version? Its free (for non
comercial use). [Unless your linux box doesnt have a dvdrw drive]

My Linux box does not have a DVD RW drive. That's why I asked:
Anyone know how to get the Linux DVD written from Windows?

> Even then, you could download a cd based distro that copies itself to > ram and use it to burn your dvd.iso.

Download Linux in order to download Linux? How delightfully circular. I'd have to burn the CD[s] in order to burn the DVD. I don't really see the value in this approach.

I prefer just to download Fedora as the CD-based distro and install it from CD.

-Lew Bloch

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