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Ashraf Mousa wrote:
dear users of Fedora I have redhat9 installed on my computer. I would like to install and try Fedora. Is it possible to upgrade from redhat9 to fedora? how?
thanks ashraf

Dr. Eng. Ashraf El-Kutb Mousa
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Hi and welcome to the Fedora list. I upgraded my RH 9 machine to FC1 by simply inserting the first FC1 cd, and powering up the machine. The installer asked me if I wanted to upgrade the existing installation or install a new installation. I chose the upgrade, and it went smoothly. I would highly recommend backing up all important data first.

However, when I moved to FC2, I backed up all of my data and did a fresh installation because there are many big differences between FC1 and FC2.

Hope this helps,

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