Re: listen to stream with xmms or mplayer

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go to edit, preferences, navigation, help applications

new type..

Fill in the mime type audio/x-pls perhaps, extensions (pls, etc)

and put the path/name for xmms under 'open it with'

I think that'll work..


littleguru (littleguru@xxxxxxxxxxxx) composed today:

That was the point . I didn't have xmms-mp3 .
now I can play mp3 with xmms , but I have to configure the helper
in mozilla and I have no Idea what is MIME and how can I know what I have add to
MIME section of helper .
any help will be appreciate.
Aaron Gaudio wrote:

Do you have the xmms-mp3 package installed?

Behold, littleguru <littleguru@xxxxxxxxxxxx> hath decreed:

but when I add this link to xmms playlist URL . nothing shows up in play list .
even it doesn't show other files, sorry , it seems xmms can not play any thing at all .
I have removed the xmms and want to install newer one but in xmms site it says that i need
one of the followings :

  * ALSA output: ALSA 0.9.0 <> or better.
  * Esound output: esound 0.2.8
    <> or better.
  * Mikmod input: libmikmod 3.1.10

  * Ogg Vorbis input: libvorbis <>
  * OpenGL Visual plugin: Mesa 3.0 <> or better.

what are they ? and is it necesary to have xmms with another software to works ? what about mplayer or real player ? can they play streams ?

thanks netmask wrote:

this is a month I want to listen to following site , but I can't :
the stream is pls type and mozila try to open audio/x-scpls helper and it can't. any thing I missed , I have xmms and mplayer and both working fine .

Go into XMMS, click on +URL (bottom left)

and put in the following address:

Then click on it in your play list.. does it work? That's all the PLS file is.. is a pointer to that server..

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