Sendmail using several MTAs

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Sendmail using several MTAs question

Hello people

I'm trying to configure my sendmail to relay my mail to different MTAs based on the email adress:

If User1@xxxxxxxx ->send to MTA

If User2@xxxxxxxx ->send to MTA

I've read about this and it seens that it should be enough to change my mailertable to:

User1@xxxxxxxx User1@[]

User2@xxxxxxxx User2@[]

That didn't worked. I've tried changin the virtusertable but that also didn't worked.

I also want to relay all mail except the above to %1@[10.10.3]

Anyone has ideias about this?

Paulo Sergio


 Paulo Roncon
 PT Inovação
 R. Engº José Ferreira Pinto Basto - 3810 -106 Aveiro
 Tel +351 234 403341


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