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On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 12:16:32 -0400, "Jake McHenry" <[email protected]>

>Hi everyone,
>is there a way I can set up sendmail so that no emails bounce? if someone gets a wrong address or is just trying to find account names, could those emails be set up in an alias or something to be sent to my address?


How to route mail to unknown users to one account?
sendmail 8 has a feature to route all mail which ends up as local on the
system but isn't a valid account (or alias), to another system (the so-called
LUSER_RELAY), see cf/README (from 8.8). However, this feature is
disrecommended, since it can break ``working'' addresses if you introduce new
local users.

If you want to route all mail to unknown users to one account (instead of
giving the standard error reply), you can put in your .mc file the following:

define(`LUSER_RELAY',`local:[email protected]')

or in some cases:


Something similar can be accomplished for virtual domains.



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