Re: mplayer update ( can't choose double size

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D. D. Brierton said the following on 24/07/2004 03:35:
I suspect that this maybe needs to be reported and resolved upstream
with mplayer, but frankly the mplayer guys are too scary for me to try
dealing with.

Anyway, I've just installed the brand new updtates of libpostproc,
mplayer and mplayer-gui from

Previous version of all three: 1.0-0.lvn.0.12.pre4.2
Updated version:               1.0-0.lvn.0.13.pre5.2

In gmplayer, right-clicking on a playing video and choosing "Double
size" no longer has any effect. "Normal size" and "Full screen" both
work as expected. If in full screen mode I right-click and select
"Double size" the window returns to normal size.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Yes, I am seeing this too. I just put xy=2 in the config file ~/.mplayer/config so that all my movies start double sized.

Not really a fix but suits me.

Redmond, we have a problem.

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